ILR Application Process

The Indefinite Leave to Remain application process is one of the hardest and most complex. This is because you will have to prove much more information such as time in country, time spent outside the country, whether you are still working in the same position, your finances, your relationship if applying under family settlement, your employment history and much much more. The paperwork can become heavy, literally. If you prepare in advance by using our guide information you will not only have an easier task of making your application but you will be ready for any unforeseen changes and have time to react.

Indefinite Leave to Remain Application Process steps:

There are many steps in the Indefinite Leave to Remain Application Process. Below is a summary of the steps for the most common routes:

  • You and your dependents over 18 need to take the Life in the UK test
  • You need to ensure you and your dependents over 18 have a recognised English language qualification
  • You need to complete the SET(O) or SET(M) application form
  • You need to ensure you include the correct ILR Fee
  • You need to collect cohabitation documents if you have a partner applying with you
  • If you are applying by same day you need to book an appointment or contact us to book an appointment for you
  • During the application regardless if it is through the mail or by same day ILR you will have to submit your biometrics

If you are thinking about the Indefinite Leave to remain application process and need help preparing or applying through the same day service then Contact us for further information

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