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English language requirement for ILR

The English language requirement for ILR is something all migrants should check before submitting their application for settlement. The Home Office have a requirement for the majority of applicants to show they meet the knowledge of life and language in the uk before... read more

What happens if your visa is refused?

If your visa is refused or your application for indefinite leave to remain you need to know what the reason for refusal is first before you can make any decisions. Many decisions could be overturned by the assistance of a high level consultant (this will cost you a... read more

Spouse visa requirements set to change from 2 years

The UKBA and the government in their wisdom are intending to change the settlement requirements for spouses from 2 years to 5 years to ensure a a relationship is genuine. This will cause much stress and hardship for those associated. For an extra 3 years their... read more

To much time out of the country is a bad thing

Depending on your situation you can have your application rejected for spending to much time out of then country. Many people don’t realise this until they have already crossed the threshold. If it was for work reasons then there are ways to work around it but... read more

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