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Same Day Visa is an option that allows you to have your application processed in 1 day (usually a few hours) as opposed to waiting several months. This service offered by the Home Office Premium Service Centres (PSCs) and has proved very popular as it offers huge advantages over normal mail application procedures.

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If you mail your application before your current visa expires and it is refused by the Home Office, then you will have to leave the country. This will cost you a lot of money not to mention stress on your and your family. By applying using same day application services you will not take this risk. You also don’t have to wait several months and go through constant worry and stress. This is why it is recommended getting yourself a same day ILR appointment and submitting your indefinite leave to remain application through same day application service.

There is only one problem. Getting an appointment is very hard, in fact sometimes it seems close to impossible. Considering everyone is thinking the same as you and trying to get their visa or ILR processed in one day to eliminate the risk of having to leave the country. Appointments can be difficult to obtain and the booking process is easy to make a mistake if you are unsure which category to chose when booking.

There is a solution. We know how the Home Office appointment system works and how to book each visa or ILR through their on-line booking system. We can get you an appointment within 2 weeks, sometimes as fast as a few days.

If you want to know how you can get a same day visa or same day ILR appointment fast and save yourself money and time by not getting refused then contact us today for further information.

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