What is it called? You may hear people refer to the process of settling in the UK and becoming a permanent resident by many names. the official name is Indefinite Leave to Remain or ILR for short if you don’t like saying it all. Technically it is permanent residence but the problem created by the UKBA is that they officially call applications made by EEA and EEA family members who settle in the UK Permanent residence and not Indefinite leave to remain as they are applying under EEA rules. If they had named the settlement process by EEA nationals and their family members by something else then there would be less confusion.

Why is it confusion?

If you are talking to someone regarding your application or process and they are a consultant, official, UKBA staff etc they may not know what type of application you are applying for. You may even download the wrong form or prepare the wrong documents unknowingly that there is two completely different types of settlement applications in the UK.

Be informed and prepared and know everything you can to reduce the risks.