Spouse Visa

One of the main routes to settlement in the UK is through the Spouse Visa Route. If you obtained your spouse visa before July 2012 or fall under the rules before July 2012 then you will be able to obtain ILR after completion of 2 years. This route is much easier as it doesn’t have a specific financial requirement such as the new spouse visa route.

What a spouse visa?

It is a visa for spouses to come to the UK to live with their partner and family. It applies to non-eea nationals who want to migrate to the UK with their British or settled partner. Unless the migrant has a visa in the UK already such as a Tier 4 student visa or a work visa then they must apply for the spouse visa from outside the UK in their home country or a country they have permission to live and work in.

Is spouse visa the only name for this visa option?

No the name spouse visa is just a catch all name used for applicant’s who apply with their spouse. In recent years the government have added much better equality rules and given better rights to couples regardless of gender or sexuality. Other terms for this route may be civil partner visa, unmarried partner visa or marriage visa. Regardless of the name used the outcome and process is the same to obtaining a UK spouse visa.

What are the spouse visa requirements?

There are many requirements for a non-eea to obtain a spouse visa. Below is a list of the main criteria:

  • The sponsor must be earning over £18,600 per year and more if the applicant has children moving to the UK with them
  • The couple and if applicable, their children, must have suitable accommodation
  • The sponsor should not have to claim additional benefits with the inclusion of the applicant to the UK
  • There must be evidence the relationship is genuine and that the couple are either married or have been living together in a relationship similar to marriage
  • Sponsors who rely on DLA, now replaced with PIP, benefits can avoid the financial requirement of £18,600 but must still show that they can support themselves and their partner without additional recourse to public funds.

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